WAZUG NL 54: Betabit

donderdag 21 feb 2019 in Rotterdam

Onze eerste bijeenkomst van 2019 vond plaats op donderdag 21 februari 2019 bij Betabit in Rotterdam. We hadden voor de 54e keer weer twee sprekers bereid gevonden om de avond te vullen met interessante sessies.

De agenda zag er als volgt uit:

17:30u Inloop & ontvangst

18:00u - 18:30u Diner

18:30u - 18:35u Welkomstwoord 

18:35u - 19:30u Sessie 1: Kristof Rennen (Microsoft) - Architecting Autonomous Driving Solutions on Azure

We have been seeing it in movies for years, cars that drive without any human intervention or interaction. What looks futuristic at first, is now being worked on by all car manufacturers. The ultimate goal is building a full Level 5 Autonomous Car. Though it might still take a couple of years (or decades) to achieve this, the technology investments are already happening today and the foundations are laid for these challenging projects. In order to build such cars and get these validated, massive data sets need to be processed and analyzed over an over again. The industry has set clear expectations and the validation of such “human replacement” scenarios are lengthy and very expensive. The goal is clear, build a car that can do better than a human … but can it?

We will start by talking about the business side of things. What are the 5 levels of autonomous cars, where are we today and what are the (legal) requirements to bring these to market. We will also clearly sketch the challenges the industry is faced with and what they need to come up with in order to succeed over time. In the major part of the talk, we will go deeper into the architectural side of things. We will walk you through the complete end-to-end “reference” architecture of such solutions on Azure. Don’t expect too many demos or code, but a true architectural talk on the challenges and solutions for massive scale.

19:30u - 19:40u Korte pauze

19:40u - 20:40u Sessie 2: Rick van den Bosch (Betabit) - Securing an Azure Function REST API with Azure Active Directory

With Azure Functions it’s pretty simple to implement a REST API. With Azure Active Directory it’s not too hard to secure an application. Angular enables you to develop rich front-ends. But how do you go about putting these three together…? This session will show you how to secure your Azure Functions powered REST API using Azure Active Directory, and how to consume this API from an Angular front-end.

20:40u - 21:15u Borrel


K.P. van der Mandelelaan 60
3062 MB Rotterdam

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