WAZUGNL: 10 Sogeti in Vianen

woensdag 29 aug 2012 in Vianen

Woensdag 29 augustus 2012 was er een bijeenkomst van de Nederlandse Windows Azure User Group. Ook deze keer hadden we weer interessante en verrassende sessies voor jullie in petto van welbekende sprekers. Sogeti was zo vriendelijk om de locatie in Vianen en de catering te sponsoren.

De agenda zag er als volgt uit:

• 17:00u Inloop, ontvangst en diner

• 17:30u-17:45u Welkomstwoord Sogeti & WAZUG NL

• 17:45u-18:30u Sessie 1: Patriek van Dorp (Sogeti) - Emerging Cloud Patterns with Windows Azure IaaS

Until recently Windows Azure has been a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. PaaS is great in terms of scalability, availability, lower TCO and time-to-market, but there are a lot of real world scenarios that either are hard to implement on PaaS or still require on-premises infrastructure. June 7th this year Microsoft launched a preview offering of Infrastructure-as-a-Service as well. Now, we have Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Windows Azure Virtual Network at our disposal, which makes a lot of these real world scenarios feasible in Windows Azure without harming the business case for that scenario.

• 18:30-19:15u Diner

• 19:15u-20:00u Sessie 2: Kurt Claeys (Microsoft) - High Performance Computing with Azure

High performance computing (or HPC, formerly known as TC) is all about massive number crunching, performing loads of parallel calculations, solving complex simulation models with many different parameters, rendering images … These are workloads that typically need loads of CPU power to perform and where the time to finish the calculation is important. So why don't we use Azure compute for this? Azure provides compute nodes on demand. Typically these calculations only need to be done once, so Azure could solve the problem without an investment in hardware. Scenarios in HPC are : financial simulations, insurance predictions, video rendering, chemical calculations, … even weather and earthquake forecasts. In this session we see how to implement HPC on Azure to spread out the calculation logic across many worker roles. We discuss the typical scenarios and show how they are implemented in some demos : a number crunching executable, rendering images …. We'll see both the developer aspect and configuring the HPC Server part. After this session you'll realize that Azure is not only about hosting web apps or storing data. It's also about massive compute power on demand. HPC could be one of the most important workloads for Azure in the future.

• 20.00u-20:45u Sessie 3: Brewing beer with Windows Azure - Maarten Balliauw

Inspired by one of the Windows Azure gods (Wade Wegner), Maarten decided to order a home brewing starter kit. Being a total cloud fan boy, he decided to hook those delicious creations to the cloud. Join Maarten and discover how you can connect USB temperature sensors to Windows Azure to monitor brewing and fermentation temperatures. He'll show you how to do distributed brewing in this fun yet practical session on an interesting use case for the cloud: beer.

• 20:45u-21:30u Borrel

Sogeti Nederland B.V. (Hoofdkantoor)
Lange Dreef 17
4131 EB Vianen

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